2017 Cosplay Calendar

The Calendar for 2017 with all the cosplays I've done in 2016!

Characters you will find on the Calendar pages: Esdeath, Tamamo-no-Mae (Goddess form), 2B, Tamamo-no-Mae (classical form), Yoko Littner, Bulma, Hestia, Asuka Langley, Ryuko Matoi, Rin Tohsaka (Archer ver.), Triss Merigold (DLC dress), Saber Nero.

All the pictures in the Calendar are UNIQUE and were never published or will be published anywhere else.

Your Calendar is:
* A3 size (~297×420 mm or ~11,7×16,5 in)
* 12 pages + 1 cover page
* on high quality paper
* personally signed by Helly Valentine

Md: Helly von Valentine
DeviantArt: http://disharmonica.deviantart.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hellyvonvalentine/
VK - http://vk.com/disharmonica/
Instagram - https://instagram.com/disharmonica/ 

Ph: Mao Dzikan
DeviantArt: http://dzikan.deviantart.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dzikanphotography/
VK: http://vk.com/maophoto/

With every purchase you are supporting me, my cosplays and my work! Lots of love for you for that! <3

2017 Cosplay Calendar


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