Hello! How are you? What are you doing?

Hey! Fine! Nothing special. Tbh, that’s the worst way to start a communication with me. If you want to write or ask something, please write in the first message. This and all the others typical questions from my FAQ will be ignored, sorry.

*something on google-translated Russian*

Guys, please don’t use the google or other translation software to impress me with some sentences in Russian. It works bad and often it’s much harder for me to understand you then when you speak English. I speak English good enough, so please use it.

How long are you cosplaying and how did you start? What was your first cosplay?

Since 2012. My friends have invited me to join their cosplay performance for a small local Con. My first cosplay was Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate/Stay Night.

When will you visit a Con in my country?

If you want me to visit your local Con, please contact your organization team and tell them that you want them to invite me. Travelling costs a lot of money, so I’m not able to visit all the Cons in the World by myself.

Is it possible to meet you out of Con?

Sorry, no. Out of Cons or other events I meet only with my old friends. No exceptions. Safety first. Thanks for understanding!

Do you make your costumes by yourself?

I often make some parts of my costumes (tailoring, fabric painting, jewelry or other small crafts), but mostly, I prefer to work with professional tailors and crafters. Anyway, I completely understand how all my costumes were done, what were the used materials and so on. So, if you are interested, you are welcome to ask me at my social medias PMs.

You don’t make your costumes by yourself! You are not a cosplayer!

Cosplay means “costume play”. I don’t see anything about “make everything by yourself” in that definition. Cosplay is a great show, great fun, and many new friends all over the World. Everyone can cosplay, no matter do they have special skills or not. And no one really cares how did you get your costume, if you are not the part of a Cosplay contest.

You are making erotic and nude cosplay. You are sexualizing the characters. Shame on you!

At first, I don’t find sexualizing bad. Human body is a piece of art. So, what should I be shamed about? I always like sexy arts, I always like sexy cosplay and follow (and often support) my favorite artists and cosplayers. All cosplay is a parody. All parody is a creativity. There are arts, animations, fanfiction and so on. There is also a cosplay. If artist wants to show a funny character sad – that’s his/her vision. If artist want to show the character in sexy way – that’s his/her vision too. No difference. Anyway, your favorite character does stay your favorite character in a way you see him or her by yourself.

What about live streams?

I plan to make twitch channel in future.

How can I get your prints, posters and other stuff?

Check the store on that site.

How can I support your works?

I have Patreon (link) and Ko-fi (link) pages where you can support my works financially. Also, your likes and reposts in every social media really help me! Thank you!

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